We use a fun, simple, photobooth-like scanner to create strikingly detailed 3D-printed miniatures while providing excellent customer service to ensure a lasting experience.

Our Tech:

There are 4 types of 3D body scanning technologies:

 DSLR Photogrammetry 3D Scanners

 Handheld 3D Scanners

 Turntable-based Full Body 3D Scanners

 Hybrid Full Body 3D Scanners

DSLR Photogrammetry requires a complicated rig mounted with many DSLR’s and only provides one photoset. Handheld & turntable-based scanners are best suited for scanning small objects as they’re not not instant 360 degree scans, they are the most time consuming and the subject may shift during the scan. Thus, a new hybrid system has been developed utilizing 89 cameras, projectors, and sensors mounted in an array around the subject which captures 2 photosets instantaneously, one for texture and shape, and one for color and design.
At Timeless 3D Photography, we use the only Hybrid Full Body 3D scanner designed specifically to capture people, not things!



We will continue to use the latest 3D scanning technologies to revolutionize the transition of life’s most precious moments into the digital world with the most innovative applications.